Search Engine Optimisation

The purpose of SEO is to get more traffic to your website. More traffic means more business and more profit! What use is a website if it’s not being picked up by the search engines?

Search Engine Optimisation increases the amount of visitors to your website and provides you with statistics on:

  1. Which pages visitors visit the most
  2. What days and hours of the week they most often visit your website
  3. A percentage breakdown of how long visitors stay on your website
  4. What keywords are being used in search engines to find your website
  5. What search engines visitors enter your website from

How does SEO work?
Google uses software, often referred to as a spider, which constantly crawls the internet by following links from one site to another, reading the text of the websites it finds and then recording or indexing the results in its database.

When someone looks for something using specific keywords, the spider uses its algorithm to determine the most relevant results for that request. The results page is made up of two sections – sponsored links and organic results. The sponsored links, which is paid for advertising are the entries on the right hand column. The organic results are in the left hand column.

Getting your website to rank as high as possible in the organic results is the practice that is referred to as SEO. Few online customers take the time to look further than the first 2 pages of the Search Engine Results Pages, so it is critical that your site is listed on these first 2 pages.

Websites are categorized according to their relevance to a particular keyword or keyphrase. Search engines analyse the way that these keywords are used on the pages of a website in what is referred to as ‘on-page’ SEO factors such as the domain name, page titles, page address (URL), headings, content as well as ‘off-page’ SEO factors such as how many and which sites use those keyword phrases to link to yours.

Why you need SEO and how we go about implementing it?
Our search engine optimisation services below ensure that your website really stands out in the search engines:

  • Keyword Research
    We do keyword research for you in order to identify which keywords and keyword phrases would be the best to target for your product / service in your category. This allows us to concentrate on the phrases that will drive the highest sales to your business.When it comes to selecting the right keywords or keyword phrases, we work together with you to determine the ‘best fit’ for your business. It is an ongoing process and we will look out for new keywords and phrases to test and add to your site. This lets us stay in touch with what your target audience is searching for currently instead of ranking well for what your prospects were searching for yesterday.
  • SEO copywriting
    We have writers who specialise in optimising content for search engines. Therefore, we are able to assist you in writing content, if you do not have any content for your site or alternatively, tweaking your content in such a way that it is suitable for search engine marketing
  • Site structure and internal links
    We will ensure that your website structure is search engine friendly. Part of this process is to create internal links within the pages of your website. We will add a detailed sitemap to your site to assist search engines in the indexing process.
  • Ongoing link building
  • Raising the external profile of your website is an important part of your overall search engine optimization strategy. When we build links, we take your keyword strategy into account and try to maintain the overall goal of providing relevant topical links that will help your website maintain its position with Google and other search engines.

Make sure your website can be found

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